Hello Musicians and Everyone,

I am Sara P, a music lover and my favorite instruments are Cello and Bass Guitar. I want to be a popular music creator but i am a girl and I am not able to make it. 

But I noticed lots of people wanting GarageBand in windows since GarageBand is one of the best music creation software. i am using Garageband since 2015 When I purchased a brand new iPhone 6S and believe me guys i just loved this software so much that forgotten my real guitar. 

So, my love for GarageBand made me create this dedicated blog on GarageBand.

And I made this blog to solve windows user’s queries here you will get the perfect tutorial on how to install GarageBand on windows.

The process of installing GarageBand on windows is long but it’s a 100% working process I have tested everything. 

If you have any queries related to Garageband, You can Contact Us.